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BASIC Text Rollover Problems

So sorry. This should be absolutely basic - but I’m doing something wrong and don’t know what.

In my editor, I have defined three rollover states for the first link in my navbar. However, the “visited” state is displaying as light blue (assuming this is the default color) and not staying white, as I assigned. So, it’s not working properly in the editor. It’s also not working correctly in the browser. In both chrome and safari, it’s as if there are NO rollover specs. The text just stays white and does not change on rollover or click.

On the bright side, the text for a visited link doesn’t change to blue.

ALSO, if/when I can resolve this issue, shouldn’t these rollover styles be reflected in ALL instances of the “Nav Link” class?

Sorry. I know this is basic. Very frustrated I cannot figure it out, and I did RTFM

Thanks in advance.

Here is my public share link: Webflow -