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Link Section goes past ID linking point

Hi all,

I linked my button to a section and it goes past the title, not very ideal.

On the Services page going to the preventative maintenance section.

I would appreciate any help :slight_smile:

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi Meghan,

your navbar is covering parts of that section, because the section ID always “aligns” the desired section up top. You could change your navbar from position:sticky to position:fixed. That will need some more tweaking on your hero sections though (add some margin there).

Oh shoot Chris, I thought I fixed it! Is it not working on your end?

Is it working for you now?

This is how it looks for me:

oh i do want the navbar to be sticky on scroll! originally it was separating from the top and getting stuck in the middle of the body of the page

thats not happening right?


No, that’s working fine. However, I can still see the ID linking going past the title.

Changing the navbar to position:fixed will still result in the navbar staying on top of the viewpoint. So that’s the same you tried to achieve using sticky, right?

Omg I’m so sorry Chris!! I’m doing so much at once :see_no_evil: I posted two questions to the forums and one I fixed( the nav bar question). And this question; when you started talking about the navbar my brain jumped to the navbar question.


Okay cool! I’ll test that out :slight_smile:

Thanks so much!

Here is a potential solution for this problem.

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