Navbar detaching w sticky on scroll help 😅


When my client looks at my website the navbar detaches from the top and doesn’t stay sticky on scroll (but when I’m viewing it doesn’t show this) I think its a simple issue but I’m not sure what I’m missing. The client says it works normal on my “service” and “locations” pages but all the others its messed up. Does anyone know?

Thanks so much!!!


Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi Meghan,

Sometimes there can be differences between the designer preview and the published site, it can be pretty frustrating. I took a quick look and didn’t see anything standing out that I think would cause this.

Would you be able to share a copy of your published link - this might be able to let me see the problem in action. Also, is it specific to a device or is the problem across all sizes? No worries if you’re no sure.


Hey Jeff!

You are the one that always seem to help me when I post on this forum! Thank you so much for always coming to my aid!! Do you work with Webflow?

Hahah yeah the difference between the preview and the publish site has been happening a lot. But actually I ended up copying and pasting the navbar from one of the pages that my client said was working. I tried to look at the positioning section and didnt see anything different among them so im putting it up to a fluke lol.

Thanks again!


No worries, I’m glad you were able to get it resolved. Also no, I actually just started using Webflow at the beginning of this year. I just had a bit of understanding of websites and watched the tutorials a lot, lol.

Also, you might already do this but, I know with things like navs, footers or generally anything I’ll be putting on multiple pages, I usually make it into a “symbol” - It’s an easy way to keep elements the same between pages.

Have a great night eh!


Oh interesting I should delve more into the webflow U. TBH I’ve never made a symbol I have always went the Tag route. I’ll look into that!

Have a good night too!