Link in rich text mess

So I decided to create a link in rich text because it seemed logic it looked like it could handle it and make a link inside the text but it just mess up the paragraph and the link is on new line but I don’t need that

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Style the element with display:inline-block.

This is not a bug. The link is defaulting to display:block.

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oh just found the in line block thank you however how should I label my question next time ? oh just noticed it’s design help and layout thanks

the editor goes banana after I open a new tab I need to do everything on first try. Thus it’s a bug

Maybe we could look at your layout and assist? Please share your read-only link.

Mind expanding on this statement? It is not clear to me.

oh I forgot to select all links that’s why I couldn’t repeat it several times

Does this mean we can mark this as solved again or do you need additional assistance?

yes it’s okay now I’m fine

Great. Thanks for updating!

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