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Link color TIP when link color isn't the right color

I made the whole grid a link which made everything in it a link: the heading, picture and a paragraph with a class called User Type.

I want the heading to be the typical link-blue with underline, but not the paragraph. And I still want the heading, picture, and paragraph to be links when someone clicks on them. Even though the User Type paragraph color was gray #333333, it still looked blue!

I changed the Style > Typography for the User Type paragraph to remove the underline, which worked, but the color was blue even though it had the right number for gray.

If the Style > Typography> Color name is shown in Orange, then in Webflow it means it is linked from someplace else. In my case, from Body class. I know that because clicking on the orange name tells you where it is linked from.

In my User Name class, changing the color, which was #333333, a gray, by only one number to #333334 made it not inherit from Body, and then the link color became the gray color that I wanted.

That took hours to figure out, after trying to change the color of the things above it in the Navigator. So I thought I’d post and save you the time.