Link block not showing

Hello all,

I have an issue with a link block on this site:

The link with the logo and text on the top left shows when in design mode but not when published, I have tried adjusting zindex, placing it in different elements - no luck.

Anyone can spot why is that?


just solved with z-index, I think since the update web flow has some weird glitches on iOS, have been trying to resolve that all evening yesterday and now it just worked with me doing nothing different from what I tried before!! Also noticed unmanly occasions its ignoring right padding on elements, but thats another topic!

Can an admin please close this thread? solved:)

Nope, still have an issue, ow the logo randomly disappears after some time! what am I doing wrong??

I can see the logo well on all my browsers. Do you still have the issue?

Oh I see, it disappear from the 2nd to last slide.

Give your slider element, the one that’s at the same level that your “mainlogo” element, a z-index of 4.

Thanks Vincent, gave it 6 now even, still disappears after the slideshow goes through all the slides I think twice? Its very weird.

Why 6? Give it 4 so it is under the logo element that you gave a 5.

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well…because I was annoyed with it?:)) That worked with respectively 4 and 5, thanks a lot!

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