Limiting purchase of 1 item per customer per month

Hi! I work for a non-profit that gives away free STI testing kits to users every month. We use Webflow ecommerce to allow logged-in users to order our free products. We want to limit every user account to 1 test kit order per month to manage resources. Does anyone have any tips for limiting an account’s order frequency of a product?

The product page can be found here

Since that is not something that Webflow commerce supports, you need to look into ecommerce section of integrations in the Webflow University to find something that may meet your requirements.

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Webflow’s ecom doesn’t have a concept of users or logins in the context of an order.
In fact I can’t think of a system that has the characteristics you need-

  1. User accounts connected to e-commerce
  2. The requirement to login before an order is placed
  3. The ability to restrict the ordering by timeperiod per client ( by product? overall? )

I can think of a few paths to build this, and it could probably be done 100% Webflow and custom code but its a bit unorthodox.

  • Webflow E-Com
  • Webflow User Accounts + SA5, or Memberstack
  • In a purchase store the logged in userid or email in a hidden field
  • Use a back-end process to update a “date last purchased” on the user account in a custom field
  • In your website, only show the purchase button IF the date < 30 days in the past, otherwise “sorry, you can reorder in X days…”

I don’t know how Webflow E-Com handles free products, but the same overall process could be applied to most any e-com system that has an API or other purchase confirmation event that you can hook into.

Obviously this won’t prevent someone from just creating multiple account, so you may want a secondary process to screen for abuse… duplicate addresses or phone number on the orders, perhaps IP tracking…

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Thank you so much Michael, this is really helpful! Might have to tell my client that a different platform is needed. Do you think there is a solution using cookies that works around the need for connecting user accounts to ecommerce at all?

Not reliably. Order one set from your PC, one from your phone, one from your tablet, one from your TV… 100 more if you use incognito mode or delete your cookies. Plus 2 partners living together might be deterred from both ordering from the same PC.

But if you’re looking for a very simplistic approach, it would save about 60% of the dev work some work and provide a modicum of hinderance.

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