Add to Cart Only Once

Hi, Is there a way to limit how many times a user can add an item to the cart?

Currently, they can keep clicking the “Add to Cart” button and add multiple quantities of a digital product. I’d prefer that once the item is added to the cart the button updates to a permanent “Added to Cart” state.


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You could probably use some custom code to override the button to achieve this.
I’ve implemented an alternative solution (because of multiple limit requirements) in the cart itself. In my solution it displays an error and prevents checkout until you modify the cart contents.

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I have this same question for digital downloads.

There doesn’t seem to be a way to add a cart limit for digital files (which should typically max out at 1 in the cart).

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How has this still not been fixed, it is a ridiculous oversight. It makes the built in ecommerce basically useless for digital goods without some really janky workarounds. Why does every Webflow feature have some glaring omission that they refuse to fix.