Limit costumer to buy 1 (quantity) type of product per order


So I have the case where the shop sells rare products. So the owner wants to limit for a customer to buy the whole stock. So how can I limit for a specific product to be only possible to buy one?

For example I have n products A,B,C …W
You can buy A to W in all the quantity you want, but the product Z can only be bought one per order.

Is this possible with webflow?

Any ideas and thoughts are very welcomed!
Thanks a lot!

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If you know how to write some javascript you should look at Mutation Observers. You target the shopping cart list where products in cart are and verify that no item is > 1. If a product is in more than 1 qty you hide the checkout button in cart and in checkout and show a custom error message saying the user needs to respect the 1 product by customer rule.