Limiting Collaborator Editing

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I’m putting together a site for a client, and as they are going to be adding and removing job postings on a very regular basis, I guided them towards CMS and hosting with Webflow. The setup and such are perfect, super-cool and so forth.

The thing is, I notice of course that the collaborators can then access every single text block and image across the entire site, and edit it.

If I wish to restrict their access to certain elements, I know I can go to Editor Settings and disable “Allow Collaborators to edit this element”, but I wanted to ask — is this a cascading control? For instance, if I have a main container or div with multiple elements inside and I want to disable all access, or even restrict to one text box within (for example), can I turn the collaborator edit option off on the top-level container element and it disables all the items within (and then turn one back on within)?

It doesn’t seem so, because their check boxes are still active when I view them… so does this mean I need to flick back and forth between the Navigator and Element Settings panels to select and manually activate/deactivate collaborator access PER ELEMENT?

I’m hoping someone can put my mind at ease here :slight_smile:

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Hey @energidesign I believe you are correct from what I recall.

I tested this myself and was not getting cascading settings for disabling content in the editor. @PixelGeek @Waldo @Brando can someone confirm if this is how the feature should be functioning. I was unable to find the documentation for this feature to confirm if this is bug or expected behavior.


Hi Matthew,

Yes, it seems a strange behaviour. A very cool (and needed) option to have, but without some form of parent/child relationship control, it’s a ton of work in either direction to set up the relevant user controls…

Any thoughts @PixelGeek @Waldo @Brando ?


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Heyo @energidesign @matthewpmunger

Thanks for sharing your feedback on this. I did some testing too and can confirm the current behavior is that this setting will not cascade down from parents to children elements.

That said, I agree this would be a solid addition and I’ve filed an internal enhancement request to get the conversation started.

I can’t say for sure if or when we’ll build this out, but I’ll update this thread if anything changes :smiley:

Thank you!


Also, it may be a bit faster to use the keyboard shortcut to check/uncheck this setting: CMD+Shift+L


Any updates on this? @Brando @matthewpmunger @PixelGeek

It would be fantastic to be able lock parent elements and have the lock cascade down, such a tedious task otherwise.

On a website I am currently building for client, I only want to grant them ability to edit one of the sites pages, be great to have an easy way to block editor access for an entire page too.


@Brando I would also love an update to this. It would be even better if we could control which collaborators can access what.

@Brando +1, Any updates on this?

Bump as well as I regularly run into this when wanting to give clients not all the control. So @Brando @matthewpmunger @PixelGeek are there any news on this?

Any Updates on this @Brando @energidesign ?

@PixelGeek @Waldo @Brando

Just pinging one more time. I run into this issue on a weekly basis.

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Having every element default to allowing collaborators to edit can be such a hassle for many projects. I just had a client delete an entire main heading and didn’t realize it. I’m not sure how long it was like that but after noticing and fixing it I had to go through every page, select every potentially editable element and uncheck the option. Even when using the keyboard shortcut it’s still a painstaking process – and it wasn’t even a massive site. Also, I’m not 100% sure I didn’t miss anything.

There are 3 possible options that could fix this that come time mind:

  1. Have the parent element’s setting cascade down as mentioned by Steve (the original poster from almost 4 years ago).
  2. Have the checkbox unchecked by default so we can check it as needed.
  3. Provide a setting that allows us to decide if new element are checked/unchecked by default.

@PixelGeek @Waldo @Brando

Bump - This feature is still missing and is necessary for any real collaboration. Even the ability to disable entire pages for collaborators would be super helpful. For example I want to provide access for someone to upload blog content only, so they can only access element on the blog page/CMS collection.

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Why can we not attribute editor permissions to the classes of objects, this seems like the way I would implement this in a sprint.
Classes are the perfect handle for what is or what is not editable no? I think this is how it was intended and a bug has crept in as this is the only checkbox that does not propagate through the class structure yet is in a place in the ui that is dictated to by the class name or inheritance

Bumping also.

I just had a client catastrophe where they edited the text of a CMS-linked field and didn’t realize it would affect hundreds of other items on the site since it was linked to a reference field. This is very confusing for clients, they can’t tell what will be affected when they edit something.

Effectively they wanted to change a pair of shoes from red to blue, and simply edited “red” and changed it to “blue.” They didn’t realize it would change every red product to display as blue.

While I was fixing that and locking down parts of the site for safety, I came across this lack of cascading support, which is baffling.

I’ve expanded on this in a wishlist item-