How to Restrict some elements in Editor from being edited by client?

Hello Webflow Community,

I was wondering if there was a feature to block some SEO critical elements from being edited by clients? These would include H1, image alt-text, anchor text, some images with file names, etc. We simply don’t want them to change or erase some of the on-site optimization we’ve done.

Thanks a bunch!

p.s. to the Webflow team you guys totally rock, we tried many website builders and nothing comes close to this!!! :slight_smile:


On each element, click the settings Cog; at the bottom there’s a Collaborator check box. However, this check box is not available for CMS items. I haven’t found a way to disable this for editing.

You can disable the Div wrapper of these CMS items which may work. I’d give that a shot on these elements.

Anyone else have an answer on this? Trying to lock images from being edited by clients, which would break the site.