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Can't remove collaborator permission to edit an item in a symbol

Hi, I’m trying to stop collaborators being able to edit text which comes from a CMS collection. They should only be able to edit the CMS items, but they can edit directly on the page and mess everything up.

When I go to the element settings on the page, there’s no Editor Settings option (collaborators can edit this content) to check or uncheck, so I can’t stop them. Could this be due to it being elements in a symbol I wonder? How can I turn off the collaborator permission to edit here? The problem is happening on the Teams>Responsables et Entraîneurs page where I can’t turn off editing for the trainers’ roles (entraîneur etc) and and groups (cadets, OJ etc).

Any help much appreciated!

This is not possible, the essence of the CMS is to be able to edit the content in your website and because the content to be edited is actually coming from the CMS items you’re not going to be able to block that.

Thanks very much for the quick reply, that makes sense.

Now I understand what the editors where doing: they wanted to just change one record from one category to another, but instead of doing this from inside collections, they were editing the text on the page without realising it would change it for everyone else attributed the same category. It’s a shame text from a CMS entry isn’t more clearly identifiable as a CMS item in the editor view. The uninitiated just see it as text, and edit as if they were editing a Word doc without understanding the impact.

I completely understand where you are coming from. You can create that idea and put it to vote at:
A more visual way for editors to see what items are connected to the CMS and which ones are not.

Thanks very much, will do.