Likes counter on webflow

Hi to all!

I need to create likes counter that saves after refreshing page. As the ones in the “Made on Webflow” gallery

Question: Can I make it in Webflow or I need to find another platform?

You currently need a 3rd party service to do the tracking, however there are some free solutions. It depends on exactly what you’re trying to do.

If you want each user to be able to Like / Favorite an item only once, then your best bet is Jetboost’s paid solution. You can combine that with Memberstack if you want logged-in users to be able to track their personal likes & favorites, including the ability to un-like / un-favorite them.

If you want a free solution, which has no click-fraud safety controls, you can script something using CountAPI;

Hi @Igor_Leschenko :wave: welcome to the forum.

The quickest & easiest approach is using @cspags CMS Item Favoriting for Webflow. It’s a popular solution with the community that works well.

Hope that helps!