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Social Media Counter Buttons

I am looking to boast a client’s social media credibility via social media counters that express the amount of followers, likes, etc.

I’d love the ease to be able to accomplish this through Webflow. There are a lot of plugins for WP and if anyone else has some ideas on how to accomplish this in a relatively easy manner, I’d be grateful.

Much love & thanks for making a radical platform!

have you tried using something like ?

Yes. Unfortunately, that is only for counting the number of shares across social media platforms, whereas I am looking to express the total number of LIKES & FOLLOWERS to show credibility.

I’m not looking to increase shares, only show users how “liked” we are in the social world.

Thank you for your response!

Not sure if this is what you are looking for but i know that facebook, twitter have there own pages filled with information about including share/like plugins

Might be worth checking out :slight_smile:

Hi @WellnessGangster,

It’s easy with Facebook Developpers plug-ins, see live: (home-section7) and some extra plugins in several pages.

Grtzz Corine

Hey Corine!

Yes, I am aware of the Facebook Dev plug-in, but I need a count for other social media as well: instagram, twitter, etc. Also, I’d prefer if they all had the same style, such as 3 circles with the social media logo inside and a count showing the “likes” or followings.

Great site, by the way! The Party/Waiter theme is pretty wonderful.

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Hey Joscreative!

Yes, thank you. However, they are all so different and I’ve had trouble finding a way to bring them all together (including Instagram) to look like one cohesive group. I’d love the simplicity of them all looking the same each representing the social media logo and the number of “likes” or “followers.”

Thanks for taking the time to reach out!