Like, Save, Favorite & Bookmark Tutorial

Allow members to save CMS items to their profile.

  • Loads fast
  • Works w/ Finsweet Attributes
  • Works w/ 100+ CMS items
  • No coding required
  • Complete design control

Whether you call it liking, saving, or favoriting - the ability for your Memberstack members to store a CMS item is an often-needed feature for membership sites and web applications.

That’s why we made MemberScript #106 - to get the code, go to #106 - Liking & Saving CMS Items | Webflow Powerups.

MemberScripts are free code snippets created by the Memberstack team. If you have any trouble please leave a comment below and @JulianGalluzzo or @DuncanHamra will get back to you ASAP.