Likes and favorites functions on CMS cards

Hey, everyone!

How can I implement the likes, favorites functions on CMS cards + finsweet attributes?

EDIT: Pasted this in a hurry last night. I haven’t tried it but it looks like it may do what you want.

Overall, likes and favorites require a bit of engineering because you need user identification (a login / membership system of some form), and a counting mechanism that persists. Likes and favorites are generally different too-

  • Favorites- are things I flag for my own convenience, that I can then easily find later on my favorites list, and from which a “smart” system [ eg. netflix ] can learn my preferences.
  • Likes- share some of that behavior, but are also meant to be visible to everyone. The link-click-counters you see here on the Discourse community platform fall in this category.

I’ve taken a quick look at MemberStack’s demo, which shows off their metadata feature. It appears to be designed to support the Favorites pattern, meaning that only the logged in user can see their favorited items.

If you need these to be more public, in the way that FB/Twitter/Insta likes work, you’ll probably need another system in conjunction with MemberStack so that you can register clicks as UserID + ItemID, and then query it for total clicks on ItemID. I wasn’t able to find a plug-in service that does that but seems pretty simple, it must exist somewhere. Let me know if you find it.

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Another option is the venerable Jetboost solution (by @cspags) if you want plug-n-play: CMS Item Favoriting for Webflow | Jetboost