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Lightbox with CMS items

There are numerous projects I have worked on which have suffered due to the lack of cms/dynamic lightbox support. I know we are all aware that it is “coming” but please at least give us an idea of a month or year. It’s literally Christmas whenever the pop up appears “new feature”. But I have some important projects that need good native lightbox support. There are tricks and workarounds which I can spend time on. My concern is that I do that, or start and commit to an alternative to webflow only to see this days after: "lightboxes are now supported ". You’re all really awesome. But when it comes to roadmaps and product update forecasts, it is the worst. Please please please respond with something less vague than “coming soon”. Many of us of in limbo waiting for some of these key “coming soon” features to support current or near future projects.

Lightbox has been live since July 2014.

My mistake. I mean CMS support for lightbox.

check out this tutorial made by @sabanna

Thanks both of you. I especially liked the second link. But still, the original question remains. Do we have a ball park of a time of release?

I’m really surprised that this doesn’t exist yet.

A lot of my clients use images in their reference area. And the number of images always varies. A lightbox solution will really complete reference / product collection pages.

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