How to add Lightbox in CMS

First of all: I love Webflow! I think its a good and quality service. But…

I have contacted Webflow, because I do not know how to add Lightbox to my individual blog post. I had reply, but still does not make sense…“When you use the CMS and add a lightbox to a dynamic page, you can set the source of the lightbox image to use an image element in the collection.” What? Sorry… I am a user…it should not be that complicated.

Hello @Francis,
Unfortunately, right now generic lightbox widget will not work in the CMS. I mean there is no way to add dynamic content inside the lightbox media list.

For workaround I can suggest to create custom lightbox and use interactions for open and close it. Here is tutorial how to create it By using this structure you can take image-thumbnail and image inside the lightbox from your dynamic collection.

Hope it helps.


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