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Lightbox Video issue - when mobile goes from portrait to landscape - video position gets off centre

I have a very unusual problem with when using Lightbox with videos on mobile - desktop look ok. Essentially when the light box image is selected - the light box opens and the video is ready to play (Vimeo Example) - the problem occurs when you then tilt the phone to landscape the video goes well off centre - tilt it back to portrait and the positioning gets all messed up - I think this issue is similar to one that was reported a while back to Webflow but I don’t think it has been resolved - here is the original link to that forum

Im curious if there is any way around this as I would like to be able to use Lightbox galleries without issues on mobile for Vimeo videos - if there is some setting I might have forgotten to enact it would be great to know what that might be.

Many thanks Jay

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I have pinged the team to get an update on this bug. Also, I’m closing this thread in favor of the original one: