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Lightbox UI panel inaccessible when adding lots of images

I am adding 30 images to one lightbox, but the ‘add image’ box (Asset or Upload) disappears off the bottom of the screen over about 25 images.

Do you not have a scroll bar visible on the right? What browser are you running?

I do see that the expected behavior is to have full access to the assets, upload, caption, and OK button sections. The bottom is cut off.

What we should see:

What we end up seeing (scrolling impossible on Chrome):

Are you not able to access the Add Image button on the top?

I can see the scroll bar and the browser is Chrome on Windows - 50.0.2661.94 m (up to date)

I can also see the add image button, but the box you just showed above that allows me to Upload or select the photo is off the bottom of the screen and I can’t reach it. Like this:

Oh wow—definitely not good! Have you tried changing the browser zoom setting (CTRL + hyphen (-))? That might be a workaround, but this is a UI issue and I am able to recreate over here, too. :-1:

Edit: Changed post title to clarify bug

Good thinking Batman! That works fine - see below at 75%:

Seems a bit daft though. Can’t help thinking this is a bug…

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You’re 100% right—definitely needs to be addressed so this workaround isn’t necessary every time!

Hi @McGuire and @Hywel, this does look like a bug, and this has been reported. As soon as an update is available, I will post back with more info.


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