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Impossible to add new image in Lightbox settings if the list grows too much

I think there is a problem in Lightbox settings when the list of images (in my case 29) is bigger than the size of the windows. At this point it is almost impossible to add a new image. Because the dialog box is hidden at the bottom.
From my point of view the solution for this issue might be assigning a shortcut to “Add image” action, then you can navigate to the bottom of the list without having to hit this button. Or making the dialog appear at some point fixed in the middle of the list, not over the last image added, where it is actually.
Thanks for the great job!!

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It’s likely a “never encountered yet” situation, I faced the same kind of issue with too many unused classes to clear, as the list was too long and not scrollable, the clear button was out of reach. It’s been fixed now, they added scroll to the list, but as I was waiting for the fix, I found a workaround (a pretty dirty one): use the Zoom feature in Chromes’ Edit menu. Zoom out as needed, the UI gets more room to expand and you can maybe reach what was hidden. Add your images zen reset the zoom and continue to work.

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