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Lightbox to a Collection

Hi Webflowers!
I am new with Webflow, so therefore I have a new question:

I have to do several websites for artists, and I have been told, that if I made Collection, our client can post text and images themselves.

But I have to have galleries for all these images, so I have to use Lightbox, - but I can’t find out how do to a Collection with lightbox in Webflow??

I really need lightbox for these collection.

I don’t think collection lightboxes are a thing yet. Sorry! There is a custom code option you should be able to find through the search here on the forum.

Thank you :blush:
I have search, - but can’t find out how to do it? Is there a video tutorials out there?
Thank you :blush:

Custom lightbox with dynamic content could this work? I haven’t done it myself, yet!

Thank you :blush:

  • I have read it, - and I see there is some problems by doing it that way … :frowning_face:

ah, sorry. I know there’s another way of doing it with extra javascript. I couldn’t find it at the moment but I know it’s been mentioned on the forum.
EDIT: this is the topic I mentioned. Full CMS Lightbox!. It’s a bit over my head so I can’t help with setting this up but it seems to work for people :slight_smile: