The problem with lightbox thumbnails

Lightbox thumbnails scroll badly. When you browse the photos, the thumbnail starts to move sharply left and right

In the “toggle preview” of the webflow everything works well, but in the published link does not work well. You can see this on my video

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Hi @Andrey.M

Thanks for posting about this issue.

This is expected behavior as the transition from image to image happens quickly. So when you click the navigation arrow very fast like in your video it will transition from image to image very fast as well. It would be nice to have more control over Lightbox transitions – you can share this idea on the Webflow Wishlist and subscribe for updates.

Recently I created this topic. But Nita (Webflow Staff) wrote a completely incorrect comment. In addition, she moved my topic to another section (Wishlist), where I can not answer that she is not right.
I’ll try to explain once again that this is BAG, not something else

The video shows the difference between the old site and the new one. The new site has a bug with miniature lightboxes. And this is NOT, because I quickly look through the photos, as Nita told me

This is an new site. Currently, when the site is published, the thumbnail tape does not behave correctly when scrolling:

This is an old site. On this site, the tape of thumbnails works correctly:
But this site has long been created in the webflow. I suspect that at that time there was no bug with lightboxe thumbnails

Hi @Andrey.M

Thanks for posting about this issue again. I helped Sónia look through the issue you reported in this original thread. I think we may have been confused about what the issue was here.

The comment Sónia left was in reference to the main image. We misunderstood your comment “the thumbnail starts to move sharply left and right” thinking you were referring to the speed at which the main image was changing. Apologies for the misunderstanding here.

I did some more digging and found I’m able to reproduce the issue on this end as well. I’ve reported it to the team and we will notify you when a fix is live, although I can’t provide an exact timeframe yet.

Thanks for your help and patience!


Thanks for understanding my question. And I’m sorry for my English :sweat_smile:

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Not a problem at all! We’ll definitely be sure to be more thorough in the future :slight_smile:

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