Lightbox element not working properly

I have a lightbox element on a landing page and I cannot see the image media in the lightbox so that I can move things around.

When I preview the page, the lightbox works right and I can click it and it opens and displays all the images. But when I’m in the designer I can’t see any media inside the lightbox settings panel. I tried adding new images to it and they did add but they added to the front of the list and I want to move them around but can’t see any existing images to move them behind.

The page I’m referring to in my project is called “2023 MI Holiday Landing Page”.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Thanks for any help you can offer!

I’m going to close this one out since I heard back from Webflow support that this is a known bug with the lightbox. When you clone a site that has a lightbox the element will still display the previous project’s slides without showing them in the settings panel. The solution is to delete the lightbox in the new project and recreate it. Annoying, but solved.