Lightbox modal appearing below content


My lightbox modal window is only opening on the top of my page. Click on actor headshots in “cast” section and scroll up to the top to see example. I have just integrated fullpage.js plugin on the page.

What position settings are causing the lightbox modal to appear at the top of the page only? I’ve set the z-axis to be much higher than the rest of the page. It is dynamically embedded as well.

Live site:

Here is my Webflow link:

Seems like you already solved it. Let us know if you need further help.

I did not end up solving the initial issue, but went in and disabled Dynamic Data and created the lightbox from scratch with the data using absolute positioning. Thank you for your help. I needed to do a quick workaround since I was crunched for time. Still would like to know what was causing those issues though. Maybe I will be able to come back to it.

@samliew This project has become totally nuts! Client is saying that the lightboxes within the fullpage.js plugin are loading improperly on Desktop Safari on Mac. I see what she is saying, but have no idea what is causing this. Does fullpage.js have known compatibility issues with Safari? or did I miss something along the way. Thank you for all of your help.

Hmm I don’t have an iMac or Safari… Could you create a new question for visibility?