Lightbox Only Loads at the Top of Page, not where I am Scrolled to on the page

Hi everyone,

When I post a blog, I include a “photo dump” at the bottom. When you click on the thumbnail, it loads into a lightbox but the photo is loaded at the top of the page so it’s not very user friendly because it’s not intuitive to scroll up to see the image.

When you click on the thumbnail, I want the lightbox to load in the screen/position the reader is scrolled to. Could someone please help me troubleshoot this?

What I want the lightbox to be like:île-de-porquerolles-france

Also, I have all the photos in the same lightbox “group” but when clicked on, they don’t show up at the bottom in the same lightbox family. Does anyone know why this isn’t working for me?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - shanzi

Here is an example blog post where the images are at the bottom: shanzi

It’s your page load animation. It’s resetting the position when you open the Lightbox. If you turn off the animation, it will work normally.

I recommend creating a separate div that wraps all of your other sections and set the animation to that instead of the Body.

Thank you! It’s all set now :slight_smile:

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Hi I have the same problem but I do not have any animations on my page. Please advise