AJAX Modal Not Working with Lightbox

Hello everyone. I would LOVE some help on figuring out what is going wrong here.

It’s a bit complex as there is some context, but here is my best shot at explaining it:

I am trying to recreate the Netflix website for my own portfolio. I have created the home page with an AJAX modal (that I got from T.Ricks if you know who that is) and have linked each thumbnail to a separate page that consists of the specific content for that project. (Note: Not all thumbnails have been linked, only Samsung, Kia, Infiniti, Costa Brava, and POK).

The modal works as expected, it pops up and is populated with the content from the linked page.

However, for some reason, the lightboxes that I have created on the content pages don’t open when viewed from the modal. If you go to the page itself, the lightboxes work fine, but when the page content is loaded into the AJAX modal, the lightboxes wont open at all.

I then tested a general interaction on a div block to see if that would work, and it didn’t. So it seems that the AJAX script is only loading surface level content and nothing more.

How do I get it to load everything?

Thank you so so much in advance for anyone who can help.

Here is my site Read-Only but because it is custom code and needs to be published I’m not sure if this helps: Webflow - ajteiger

Hello! Did you find any solution? I’m having the same issue