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Lightbox link hover causing overflow?

Everything works fine within webflow, but when I publish the site I’m getting a horizontal scroll bar when I hover over my lightbox links.

Here’s the published site:

Click on the VIDEOS button in the lower right and hover over the thumbnails to see what I mean.

Any idea what’s causing this??

I am not seeing any scrollbars. Usually what causes that type of behavior would be overflow set to auto. If you set it to overflow hidden, it shouldn’t ever create scrollbars.

Just a tip on the site, I’d upload retina 2x double size quality logos for the side bar, and check the hiDPI box in the image setting. They look really pixelated on my screen.

Thanks for the tip about the logos, I’ll make sure to do that.

Is this your firm’s website or is it a client? Either way, I just watched the Sony video and it was wonderful! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a client. Any suggestions on the site design?

I’m bumping this. Someone please help!!

Anyone? I’m truly stuck here and I could really use some help!

I’m not seeing any scroll bars.

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