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Issue with Lightbox layout breaking/scroll overflow

I’ve setup a lightbox with three thumbnails, all linked with the same gallery name.

It worked initially, but at some point, when you click the thumnail, the image appears above the viewport. When you check the full size image in Designer, the preview is doubled for some reason. I have to think this is contributing to the issue.

I’ve tried removing all lightboxes and lightbox links to no avail.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Any assistance would be appreciated, thank you.

Hi @cam427r, thanks for posting about this really strange behavior.

There does seem to be a overflow/tiling effect happening there in the lightbox. I have reached out for team help with this.

As soon as I have an update, I will post back immediately.

Thanks in advance.

Thank you, Dave. Appreciate the assistance.

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