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Lightbox with Video not aligning in mobile views

Hi folks,

I created a “VIDEOS” page on my site. The first video I’d call a featured video which runs wider then the others in desktop view. Below this first video (and this is where my question comes in) I created a two column lightbox with links to Youtube videos. (desktop view below)

All works well when previewed in WF. However, when viewing on a smartphone in landscape view, if you click a video open, the video is flush left and low on the screen (see below)

I also notice if I close the video and flip my screen back to portrait, the new video that pops up (prior to play) is twice as wide and half gets cropped off. (see below)

Would anyone be able to identify what element in the navigator might controls the position of the lightbox once open.

Thanks for the assist.

Here is my public share link:
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