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Lightbox element not opening

Hello, I have added a Lightbox element to my page and I have added a photo to it. However, when I preview my site, the element does not open when clicked on. Can anyone advise?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - The Berg Design]
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Hi @thebergdesign can you specify where in your design you’re using a Lightbox element? Not seeing it right now.


Hi @jaytel, thank you for your quick reply. If you click on the name ‘Mollie Keane’ and then on the picture which shows up, a modal should slide up. The first image in the grid of the iPhone is the one that I have put in a Lightbox (unless I did it wrong).

Hey @thebergdesign super easy fix! Take a look at the screenshot below. You have the initial view of the image inside of the Lightbox Link which is correct for what you’re trying to do. But, you have to choose an image that should appear on click of the link. Select the Lightbox Link element and go over to the element settings panel on the right, and there is where you want to select your image a second time to specify what image should appear on click of the Lightbox link. That should do the trick!

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Wow, that’s one of those super obvious fixes that I would still never have found without your help. Thank you!