Light mode for designer?

Is there a way to change the designer to a “light mode” instead of this new dark mode?
The contrast is WAY too much.

I really do NOT like the layout of the new designer.
All of the button icons are smaller.

I hate being the person that complains about change - but this was a bad change in my opinion.


This update was made by under 30s, I reckon. I’m over 50 and suffer too. I think I need to start using the computer’s accessibility tools –magnification and such – to survive. Painful that tiny text and indistinguishable outline icons! Other than posting here I guess we can’t do much.


I agree heartily. I’m usually excited to see what changes Webflow is making with the Designer—I’m not against change. But this… is a nightmare.

Unfortunately there’s nothing available at the moment but given the recent feedback about the UI changes I’d imagine this (along with other similar updates to improve the experience) have increased in priority.

I’d love to see a light mode toggle, along with a larger base UI size (and possibly the ability to use filled as opposed to outlined icons) in a future update as I think that will help folks who are more sensitive to the current UI theme :crossed_fingers:

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I’m not keen on just dark vs. light as things are. I’ve got so used to a darker working environment. (All the Adobe UI can now be dark.) To me before it was better. To me the issue is with the keyline only icons and everyting being so tiny. Spots of colour would help distinguish icons quickly, e.g. pages in Draft mode.

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Someone please make a light mode arc boost :pray:

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New Designer’s update looks very nice and eye catchy until you need to work in it. Contrast is too high and icons are too small. I would gladly use old designers view or fixed new one. also I agree that light theme would be great :pray:

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Check out AidKit For Webflow

Now has a light mode for the webflow designer