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Light box group name from CMS?

I need to display galleries for different projects on one page from CMS. Each project is a collection item, and each gallery is from a multi-image field, and I’m using the lightbox for each of the item in the multi-image field.

However, right now, the light box group name can only be set for all galleries across projects, which means different projects will have their lightboxes mixed together.

Is there any way I can circumvent this?

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I’m not sure how you’d programmatically fill that in via the CMS.

This may be a fringe need that hasn’t been created yet. Actually seeing CMS Collections inside a Collection is new to me, so, yeah, what you’re asking for sounds like a byproduct of this new functionality.

What might work, to work inside the capabilities of the current Webflow product, is to alter how you’d construct each page.
For example, perhaps instead of having Published Games be a collection, you actually (I know, I know) make Published and In Development a toggle or drop down item in a Collection of Games. You could then filter which are shown in any list. Consequently, when a game moves from Development to Published, that would be a dropdown change, instead of an entire recreation of a “DB entry”, if you get my meaning. Hmm. This may not exactly solve your needs, but perhaps re-thinking the structure may make more sense.

I hope this helps.

Thanks for the help and I apologize for my belated reply… But basically the client’s against using filters,

On a separate note, are you aware of when we can add more than one nest CMS collections per page? Is that function on the radar at all?

Clients, they make the call I suppose.

You could check on the wishlist, I think…