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Hi all… I am trying to build a lightbox gallery so my client can edit and add to this gallery through the CMS. I am not finding anyway to make this possible in webflow, searched threads, videos and coming up with nothing. This actually surprises me since this is a common functions that clients need. Any help would be appreciated

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Hey @HazeDesign! I made a quick screencast of how to setup a lightbox gallery that pulls from the CMS: Webflow CMS Lightbox Gallery

I hope that helps!

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Blake… thank you, thank you, thank you… This certainly helps in the future for clients to use their CMS fully. I needed this… One more thing, maybe two… LOL

  1. See the screenshot attached. At the bottom there is a red button that says Click to see all kitchen projects… That is a link is actually a light box with text only that opens a light box, you see no images until the light box is launched by clicking that button. Can I do this in the CMS? I tried everything that you showed me. I tried making a new collection with multiple image field, but when I link the light box to the dynamic content, it states that there is nothing to link to. Any help would be much appreciated and thak you.
  2. Last thing… Are you for hire as a tutor? I am new to Webflow, been a graphic designer since 1998, worked in Muse, not really a wordpress fan. What I would like to find, is a tutor to teach me the proper way.
    Thank you for everything, the info you previously supplied, helped tremendously.


If you’ve got the lightbox working with the images on that page, you can check the “Link with other lightboxes” checkbox and make sure the Lightbox Link (the button with just text) has the same Group name as the lightboxes with the images. Does that make sense?