Rank CMS items by number

Hey fam

I’m building a premium vacation rental site similar to air bnb.
I wish I could share the link but unfortunately I can’t.

Client wants to be able to sort properties by numbers and easily be able to change which property, for example, ranks #2.

Usually I would set this up by adding a #field and allow them to input the ranking in that way but it gets really sloppy and hard to see which property has been allocated which number without opening each one (there will be 50 properties per country which equates to about 1500 properties total).

Does anyone have a better solution to allocating positions to properties? I have racked my brain but can’t seem to come up with anything good.

Thanx in advance!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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The ability to drag items into the order they will appear on the site is terribly missed. It’s indeed a pain to have to resort to a number field to sort manually.
Please vote for it on the wishlist:

There is some help. When viewing a collection you can add a field as a column to the overview table by clicking the Pin icon top right. Then you can view the ranking numbers all together and even click on the column heading to sort items by rank.

Thank you so much for this! It’s not a solve but a great help with regards to sorting.
I have voted for the functionality.