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Let me reorder Variants easier please

Here is the scenario. I add a product

Metallica T-shirt
Sizes: S, M, XL, XXL
Colors: Black, White

2 weeks later I decide I can sell Size Large as well so I add it to the list of variants. Now it looks like this:
Sizes: S, M, XL, XXL, L
Colors: Black White

The dropdown selector on the product page shows them in this order.

  1. can rename…can’t reorder them in any way
  2. so rename them in the right order -
  3. go through all the SKUs and change all the SKU’s and Prices that no longer match

or - delete them all and make the variants all over again for that product
or - export the .csv, fix it all and re-upload

Are those my only options? Maybe the new variant selector update solves that?

+1 on this. If you want your newest variant to be at the top of the list (or want to reorder variants for any other reason), you have to rebuild the entire variant dataset from scratch.

Okay :slight_smile: I may have found a work around for this (that worked for my use case.)

I’ve just nearly finished rebuilding my website in Webflow (the first version of the site was in webflow as well, so I got support to change my hosting) . I’ve got a small shop that isn’t mission critical but I decided to move the shop over anyway.

So I EXPORTED the products from the old shop.

Then I IMPORTED the products into the new shop.

I didn’t put much thought into it (as the shop wasn’t mission critical) but two things stood out: the custom fields didn’t recreate so they DIDN’T import (which wasn’t to concerning to me.) which was my own fault really (because I was hoping Webflow was MAGIC and would create them on its own! But it isn’t :slight_smile: )

But also I ran into the problem described here, with the variants out of order. One set of variants was in order, but the other set wasn’t, and as pricing from low to high was important to the pricing structure I needed it to be ranked the correct way.

So I ROLLED BACK the website to the backup (yay for Webflow automatically and appropriately naming the backup!).

Then I went to the .csv file and I SORTED by the variant I wanted to reorder so that all of the same variants were together.

Then I SELECTED a group of variants (making sure I selected the entire row) and CUT them. Then I put them in the order I wanted and PASTED it. I continued to do this until all the variants were in order, then I did one final CUT and PASTE to close the gaps, then saved it as a NEW file (so I still had the old one just in case.)

I then imported that file and YAY!!! Everything was sorted correctly.

Now a couple of things: some of the steps I took may have been redundant, I have no way of knowing.

Secondly: I mentioned I had two variants. Fortunately for me the second variant was in the correct order both times I did the import. I don’t know if this was luck or coincidence or if my brain simply isn’t working properly. But I’m not entirely sure how you would do this if the SECOND variant was also out of order. And maybe my reordering the CSV didn’t really do anything and I just got lucky :slight_smile:

But I hope this helps somebody else out.

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