Left alignment using Flexbox

I want to left align the jumbo heading, ‘Hey there…’ with the logo on the top left. I tried using left justify in flexbox on the container and the section but the section doesn’t seem to be moving. Any idea how to fix this?


Hi @muditk!

The problem your are dealing is not with the flexbox, but the ‘container’ element. It have some standard margin, so you have to remove your div or the text from the ‘container’ to make the alignment.

Hope it helps you! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks that worked! For some reason, this changes the layout on my page Project 1. The content there isn’t properly center/left aligned anymore. Do you know why that is?

You have the same class ‘element’ in the two pages. When set in one, it will make change in all elements that have that class.

The problem is that you set it to 500px of margin left.