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Flexbox to edges of page

I’m flummoxed.

I’d like to get the two objects in my Footer (the image and the email address) to push out so that they are left and right justified respectively. I thought that the Flexbox would be right tool here for sure, but I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. Thanks

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Looks to me like you have your items in a container. I moved them out of said container and applied a float-right for the one on the right. There are several ways to do this and this is just a quick fix for me to see it work.

Thanks for taking a look TheCat.
I’m afraid I dont totally follow (new to this)
I’d like it justified with the container as in the image. Could that work w/out container.

Any thoughts?

ok looks I’ve gotten it while using a container that’s not a flexbox. Thanks