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Learning to code

Hi folks. Just wanted to hopefully start a discussion on people’s thoughts around learning to code. I’ll probably get screaming and shouting here, OF COURSE YOU NEED TO LEARN TO CODE!

I’ve been intensely learning design through Webflow, and loving it so far. I wanted to get to a stage where I could start work quickly on basic website designs and build my experience through small simple jobs. So all I’ve focused on is design so far. An opportunity has come up through Codeclan in Scotland to learn in an intense 3 month software development course. This would take away most of my efforts from design. So I’m unsure.

My initial thoughts were, design platforms (such as Webflow) have become so good I may not need it. Worst comes to the worst I can outsource any coding needed. But as my skills advance, I am finding certain limitations. I would like to merge design with functionality a lot better. Page limitations and how it all functions smoothly.

Has anyone reached a high level without coding? Has anyone done design first then realized they need coding? Does anyone feel strongly about coding as a necessity in order to build great sites? Just general views on the whole topic. It would be great to hear everyone’s feedback on the subject.

Thanks so much.