New user with questions regarding the suitability of Webflow to n industry newb

Hi guys, I have an opinion about Webflow and how useful it is to me right now. Please note I am not criticising Webflow as I think its great at what it does, but I am debating how useful it is for someone like myself.

I am learning code right now and hoping to get my career off the ground sometime soon. I don’t have en end goal in mind yet but I am open to web design or front end development and open to back end if I like it (and am capable of learning it). I am open to working freelance or working at a studio.

My opinion of Webflow so far is that it is great at what it does and is by far the best solution of its kind so far. I feel Webflow is perfect for already established industry professionals trying to streamline their workflow. For a designer or front end developer already working at a studio (or freelancer) it would save loads of time. And personally I love working in it, even with my low knowledge of html and css I am able to work quite happily in it.

However I am now asking myself whether to devote more time to Webflow or whether to spend more time working on hand coding. My opinoon right now is that it is not worth it for me to work in Webflow as if my goal is to work at a studio I need skills those studios require and no one has Webflow on their job requirements that I have ever seen. And I feel that even if Webflow becomes industry standard there are so many people already out there who can hand code that it would be far easier to train those guys to use Webflow than to hire a Webflow user and hope you never need them to hand code anything.

I could go freelance using Webflow but I feel that that is very much putting my eggs in one basket as as good as Webflow is until it is capable of doing everything you can do in html and css by hand it is limited and as a freelancer I want to have as much scope as possible.

I am new to this industry and this way of thinking. I love using Webflow and find it pretty fun to work on and would love to devote more time to this and build a career on it. But at the moment I just find that I don’t have many arguments for it other than its easier than hand coding and more fun. I would like to get the opinions of more experienced users and designers than myself.


It’s not a binary choice.

If you want to be a developer I would continue to learn code and use Webflow. Use your knowledge of code to extend Webflow where it is currently limited.

I use Webflow everyday but I continue to take classes on all types of content related to the web.

Webflow is a tool - I don’t see a reason why it shouldn’t be in your tool set.


Learning to code will help you to take advantage of webflow or any other tool.

More people are moving away from wordpress (smashingmagazine is now using Hugo) and this going to start a new trend, but why wait until a big guy prove you that the web it’s not just wordpress.

On a freelance side you can learn to develop on wordpress but it’s really hart to compete in a marketplace that has millions doing wordpress development. You should see webflow as a great opportunity or a investment (Think about the people who bought shares from the companies that rule the web today).

Another example is themeforest, the only ones that can make real money selling themes are the ones that started from the beginning.


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