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Layout changing when publishing site

Hi there

For some bizarre reason my web design page on this website is acting very weird on my mobile. Has anyone seen anything like this before??

Any help would be great

Cheers Paul

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Hey Paul,

You’ll have to be more specific and share a read-only link with us.
What weirdness are you talking about? which part? what is the “regular” behavior you expect?

I’ll send read only over when I get back to my computer but it looks fine on my webflow just seems fine on my webflow just when it’s published everything is out of place and for some reason has little labels on top of each section that says height = 400vh?? Really weird. Other pages are fine though.

@Hobbitrock83 Can you share your read-only link per @avivtech’s response? Please tag me when you do so I get notified, and I will check it out.


Hi there sorry for the delay. I’ve sorted this issue now. For some reason the clonable element I was using had some rather unusual sections on the smaller screen sizes. Sorry to waste your time and thanks for getting in touch


Sounds good, glad you got it figured out.

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