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Layout Background question

Hello Guys,

i want to create a more specific section, here you have a screenshot of it.HowToCreateThisBackground

So my general question is, how you would structure that, so that both whitespaces (left and right) of the section overlaying the bigger sized font/ beige-section, but the Paragraph-Text should be all above?

I´m greatful of every answer. Have a nice day!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hey @Luc_4, do you have a read-only link to share?

Also, is that smaller sliver of beige on the right supposed to be on the page too, or do you just need the bigger beige section with white on each side? Let me know, and I can probably help you out.


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Here Lucas. I hope this helps you with what you need. There’s two basics way to approach what you want. Either by using overflow hidden or messing with z indexes. ( I opted for the overflow one)

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Hey Jean,

thank you for your answer. :blush: actually, i already solved it, but i took the way with different z-indexes and overlaying divs on absolute width :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey myonke,

thanks for answering :blush: as i wrote to Jean‘s reply , i already solved it by z-indexes.

Perfect, glad you got it all figured out!