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Help for layout question

Hello @all,
on the 2nd Section, i want to have the Heading (H2) with the Class “Value” in the middle of the “2ndSection”, with a little overlap to the white part at the right of the turquise section.

I´ve tried out to overlay the “2nd Section” with another DivBlock, which i can set to absolute positioning and within the H2-Value-Heading, so it would cover the whole “2ndSection”. But as soon as i set this Div up to “absolute” and on “Full”, the overlay section relates to the whole Body, and not to it´s parent element, which is or should be in this case the “2ndSection”.

Here the ROL:

Hope you can help me out and I appreciate every answer.

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Hey @Luc_4, welcome to the community man! Is this what you’re after?

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Hi myonke,

First, thank you for replying and for the time!

Actually, The heading should be right in the middle of the whole turquise/white section. Of course , its a solution to just pull it out with negative margin, but i want it to be centered without doing that, so i can make sure, its really technical in the middle of the 2ndSection.

Hope you understand this :slightly_smiling_face:

No worries at all! Hopefully I am understanding correctly this time :slight_smile: Let me know!

Oh yeah, that should be it! :blush: exactly what i needed. Thank you very much and again , i appreciate your time. As i‘m new to this forum, i‘ve never seen in other forums, replying with videos, love that :+1:

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Happy to help man! Feel free to hit me up with any other questions that come up during your project. Have a good one!

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