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Layout advice and build suggestions

Hi all.
I’m building a site and have started to put together the product pages.

The layout of the design around the introduction text has caused me a few issues - I’m sure i’m doing it a bit arse about face! so any suggestions would be most welcome of how I can better do this.

I’m not sure the grid layout is the best for this?

The main area of trouble is the grid on the right hand side with the product resources - there can be up to 5 - I’ve set them to not show if no file has been uploaded

The issues are then coming in relation to the amount of text in the product description and the spacing of the ’ need some help’

If there is lots of text there is a huge amount of space between the two blue boxes. - i’d like those to stay consistent regardless of the amount of text.

Any advice of how I can better build this before I get to far would be hugely appreciated - I’m sure there is a simple solution to one i’m making hard.