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Stuck with simple layout arrangement

Hey Webflow community,

Been finally jumping in to getting my hands dirty after watching what feels like a million youtube tutorials, but when it comes to implementing my custom designs I’m really struggle to impart the knowledge gained in tutorials that I’ve done and watched.

Here’s my predicament:
I’ve attached the designs for a full height web view (desktop for now) that has 2 separate parts, a hero image part and an info part. I designed the pages with a 10 column 1200px max grid and I’m struggling to implement this into webflow. I’ve attached how I think makes sense to chunk up the boxes/divs but can’t understand how to stick to a grid and make the image section stretch to 50% of the view port will still respecting the 10 column grid.

Also wanting to wrap section so that there’s another underneath that scrolls - hoping to link up a CMS to populate the data (image 4)

Would love any tips or feedback to help a lost UI designer, big, small or basic.

Thank you!