Last update from Webflow

I just saw this update from Webflow? But from this message, I have no idea what this is about? And they refer to this youtube video which is 2 years old Introducing components in Collection lists - Webflow University lesson - YouTube.
Now, I’m not an English speaker, - but I don’t really understand what this update is all about. Can anyone help me understand “Components can now be used in Collection Lists” -
I don’t think it makes sense to refer to a 2 year old video with something new it has added on the CMS

Components are “reusable” snippets of code. For example if you have blog, the article card could be a component, as it could be used on your homepage, on a Category page (Travel, Fashion, etc.) and on the article page under a “Related Articles” section. Usually these cards are always the same, just the content that populates them changes.

If they are the same, these components basically have the same code structure. If you make changes to one, these changes are automatically applied to all, because you are literally using the same code for all of them.

Before this update you could not have repeatable code (components or symbols, as Webflow used to call them), even if you copy and pasted the same article card on your CMS collections, if you made changes to one article card (on you home page for example), you had to manually make these changes on the other pages you were displaying this same content.

With this update, you can create your article card once, save it as a component and on each Collection List you create, you can insert it and connect it to the data in your CMS. This way, if you update one, all cards are updated regardles of how many Collection Lists are using them.

Hope I helped.

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Thank you SOOOO much @paco
I would love to have a new video of this new update :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

When I click on the link you’ve supplied, I see a video that is three days old, not two years.

Yes OK, I see! :blush:
But I now found a new video of this new subject: Introducing components in Collection lists — Webflow tutorial - YouTube

  • so that was great!!