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Dynamic List → Collection List (and other UI content tweaks)

If you’ve used Webflow CMS, chances are you noticed a few … inconsistencies with naming and UI labels.

Like how a Dynamic List is the element that lets you put Collection content on pages … and how we really never referred to the CMS in the Designer UI until very recently … and other headaches.

So we updated a few things to more consistently refer to the CMS and Collections. Same great functionality, new (hopefully) clearer naming.

Here’s a few of the more prominent changes:

  • The Collections Panel is now the CMS Panel

  • The Dynamic List is now the Collection List

(And that section of the Add Panel is now labeled “CMS”)

  • The elements of the Collection List have been renamed in the Navigator

  • Dynamic Style Settings are now Collection Style Settings

  • And Collection Template Pages are now, more simply, just Collection Pages

Hopefully these changes make things clearer for everyone (including us!), but as always, we look forward to hearing your thoughts.


You all r00l! :slight_smile:


I like it!! Will be much clearer to everyone. Thanks for the update!


Nifty little change and it does make more sense. Good work this month some much needed improvements overall.


Yup, much easier. Even though I think we all understood it before, it was more of a mental leap initially. This will make it simpler for people learning the system, I think.


Yeah, that’s the main goal. I know most of you are past masters of that mental leap by now :slight_smile:

I’m with @tubes’ explanation. Makes it much easier to understand for newbies.

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Nice! However, why not call the “Collection Pages” the “CMS Pages”, if you chose to call the “Collection Panel” the CMS Panel now … you know, for keeping stuff consistent ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Solid idea, @T-Fab! Going to consider that.