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I’m working on a site where there is quite a large menu on desktop, I’m now going through making the site responsive and was hoping to find some ideas for mobile menus with a lot of links. Preferably one where I can go into the designer and have a look at how they’ve done it (mobile menu’s are my biggest weakness when it comes to designing with Webflow).

I need to create a menu with 40 links within it. 25(ish) of those links are nested within 4 main categories, so need to find a way of making this look as clean as possible!

Any help is much appreciated!



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Hey @jakedoubleu , I may not have a Webflow example but you can take inspiration from, they have 4 main categories within which there are many sublinks.

Take inspiration from their element stacking using inspect tools.

Found this in Webflow Showcase:

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