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Long Menu on Mobile

Hi, Everyone!

I am having some issues with the Mobile Menu on my website.

I have a long list of services for my client and I wanted to create a custom dropdown menu using interactions.

The idea is that when the user clicks on the main options, a dropdown shows up immediately below it.

I tried using the dropdown component on Webflow and it wasn’t working, so I created a new one.

Now the issue is: once the user opens the mobile menu, all the options show up ok, but when they click on the trigger for the dropdown, the whole mobile menu closes, making the user have to click on the menu again to see the options.

Here’s the website:
Her’s the read-only link: Webflow - Inpath Dental

For example: if the user clicks on general dentistry, the Mobile menu should stay in place, and the options should just push the other nav down, and not close the menu.

Has anyone had that issue before? How did you solve it?

Thanks for the help!

hi @tsantarem on forum is many solutions for dropdown menu already published and when you search for “Webflow multi level (or layer) dropdown navigation” in your favourite browser there are some nice sources too. So please invest a bit of your time to to search, read and/or watch already posted solutions that may lead you to find how to fix your issue before you post request.

here is one example found when searching for solution on forum but feel free to find more sources.

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