Landscape device header


I’m having trouble making my hero section responsive on the landscape version.

Here’s a picture of the error on the iPhone 6 landscape. As you can see the text is messing it up and should be below the logo in the left corner.

Here is my public share link:

Hi @AndreasV, sorry to hear of the trouble with the landscape design, I went to take a look but the read-only link is not valid any longer, could you update that read-only link? I am happy to take a look further.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @cyberdave

Here’s a new link

@cyberdave @cyberdave @cyberdave

Hi @AndreasV,

What you you need the padding for? It is totally redundant. You only need padding on the left and maybe on the bottom (but only for desktop).

Get rid of it and you are good to go :checkered_flag:


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Thanks @Karl-Heinrich, that seems to work perfectly.

I greatly appreciate your help.

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